Third graders are learning about wild animals.
Newt zoo plaque.gif

Each student will create a zoo plaque on a wild animal that may solve or cause problems for people. A wild animal would be an animal living and surviving on its own in the wild.

All of the research notes should written on the recording sheets. Click here for recording sheets to be used.
The following items must be included on the front of your zoo plaque:
*Title of your animal
*A picture of your animal
*A map of the region the animal can be found in its natural habitat
*Three important facts about your animal. Think about a zoo patron coming to view your animal. What do you think they would not already know that they would find interesting?
The following items must be handwritten on the back of your zoo plaque:
*Your first and last name
*Your bibliography (sources used)

Zoo Plaque Planning Page

Animal books are found in the nonfiction section starting with the call number of 976.4.
Online Resources and Web Sites- If searching at home and a site asks for a username and password, our school’s
username is rje, and password is jaguars.

Encyclopedia Britannica
EBSCO Research Databases- (Hint: click on Searchasaurus)
How Animals Get Food
Creature Feature
Sacramento Zoo
San Diego Zoo
Animals and Their Young
Discovery Education-
Pics 4 Learning

Click here for a rubric that will be used to determine your grade.