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Third graders are studying biographies. Each student will create a
TIME Magazine "Person of the Year" cover.

All of the research notes should be written on the recording sheets. The students will use their research to write a paper to create a magazine cover using a website called Big Huge Labs.
Research Notes
Planning Page
Big Huge Labs- Click on Magazine Cover

The following items must be included on the magazine cover:
*picture*title*tagline*name of subject*publication date (must be a year significant to your subject)*price*at least 5 phrases about your subject


Biography books are found in the biography section in back of the Learning Commons.

Online Resources and Web Sites If searching at home and a site asks for a username and password, our school’s
username is rje, and password is jaguars.

Encyclopedia Britannica
EBSCO Research Databases- (Hint: click on Searchasaurus)
Discovery Education

Pics 4 Learning-images
Biography Cards

Two rubrics will be used to determine your grade.Writing Grade RubricProject Grade Rubric