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WAWGTD - Biome Research Project

A biome is a unique ecosystem, a living community characterized by distinctive plant and animal species and maintained under the unique climatic conditions of the region.Background info: The year is 2032 and you live in one of the assigned biomes. Let’s just say that things have changed for the worse in the past 20 years. After years of a world population boom, the population has dramatically decreased and natural resources have been severely depleted. The What Are We Going To Do!! Committee(WAWGTD for short) has convened in Paris, France to listen to speakers from all 6 biomes. This committee will decide which biome the remaining 200,000 humans should live in.
Your task: You do not want to move from your biome! You need to convince the WAWGTD committee that your biome is the one worth living in. This committee is made up of your fellow scientists and teachers. They are not the fun loving, happy-go-lucky, let’s get to the mall people that they used to be. They are concerned about the depletion of our natural resources and saving the remainder of the human race. They don’t want to have everyone relocate to just one biome, but in order for our species to continue, the WAWGTD must make the tough decision; they must do what is best for everyone and find the best place possible to live! They must choose which biome we are to live in. They don’t want you to put down the other 5 biomes, but instead they want you to present the facts of your biome in an easy to understand presentation of your choice. Your job as a team: Your job is to complete research on the given aspects of your biome. While researching, you will need to take down important facts on your research form. Once all of your research is completed, your group will need to decide how you want to present it. You will work with your team members to compile a presentation of all the information on your given biome. Some examples could be a digital presentation, commercial, presentation board or poster, song, brochure, etc. You must get approval from the committee (your teachers) before you start on the presentation part of your project.
You will find the rubric of information needed in your presentation below.


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Grolier Online
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*Web Search
Web Search Stratigies in Plain English Video
Evaluating Internet Resources Tip Sheet
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