• Students will research an invention of the Industrial Revolution in order to create an expository writing paper containing an introductory paragraph, three to five factual paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. This research paper may have up to three photos/illustrations.
  • Students will learn how to create citations for their resources in proper MLA format. At least one source must be from printed material (not an online resource).
  • The research paper will be submitted to Mrs. Datzman via Google by Thursday, May 26.

Objectives: Through Internet and library research, students will research and take notes using a graphic organizer about an invention created during the Industrial Revolution. They will write an expository essay that will be typed, edited and revised, spell-checked, and subsequently published containing properly formatted resource citations. Citations can be submitted to for correct formatting.

Time Frame: Approximately 6-8 50-minute classes for research, writing, editing and revising, and publishing.

Procedure: Mrs. Datzman will go through the research process, note-taking, plagiarism, citing sources the correct way. The first class or two will cover the specifics of the paper. Class time will be used for research, writing, editing, revising, and submitting the paper to Mrs. Datzman using the student’s Google account.

Project Files

Inventions and Inventors of the Industrial Revolution History
Kid Info-Indutrial Revolution
RJE's Research Resources
Easy Bib