Students will recall what services a community and the community leader

provide for its citizens. They will create an infographic, which

summarizes the information about their local government: the current

elected officials, city services, how to be a good citizen, and some fun

facts about McKinney.

infograhic on infographics.png

Watch this video to learn more about infographics...

Students will use Google Drawings to create McKinney infographic.

  1. You will do research on McKinney.

    Books about McKinney will be shared among the 3rd grade classroom.

    Online Resources:

    About McKinneyMcKinney City Council
    Departments of McKinney
    Red Cross
    The Samaritan Inn
    Boys and Girls Club
    Boy Scouts of America
  2. Complete the McKinney Community Infographic Planning Page and have your teacher sign your planning page saying you are ready to work in Google Drawings.

  3. Log in to your Google account.

  4. Make a COPY of this template to your Google Drive account.

  5. Go to your copy of the template and rename the template by inserting your name.

  6. Use your planning page to create your infograhic to show what you know! Be creative, and make it visually pleasing!

  7. Share your infographic with Mrs. Kile, Mrs. McGuire, or Mr. Dai (and Mrs. Bates).

  8. You will print your infograhic with the color printer in the Learning Commons. Do not print without teacher permission. Be sure to cite your sources on the back!

This Infographic Rubric will be used to determine your grade.