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Students will be researching the Native American tribe of their choice from the following list:

Caddo, Jumano, Commanche, and Karankawa.

They will gather facts about the clothing, culture, food, and government of the specific tribe.

In addition, students will apply their knowledge of the Texas regions to create an advertisement for the

regionwhere their selected tribe resided. The culminating product will be a report, an advertisement

(brochure, commercial, etc…), and a figure to represent all that they have learned about Texas regions

and the Native Americans who were the earliest Texans. We will complete the projects during the

week of October 21st and presenting them the week of October 28th.

Tribe Notetaking Sheet Regions Notes Sheet


Native American of Texas Resources
Britannica Database
JumanoTexas State Historical Association: JumanoThe Jumano Indians
ComancheTexas State Historical Association: ComancheInfoplease: ComancheComanche HistoryThe Texas Comanches
KarankawaTexas State Historical Association: KarankawaKarankawa Fact SheetThe Karankawa IndiansThe Karankawas
CaddoTexas State Historical Association: Caddo
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