First graders are researching symbols of our state of Texas.
Each student will be assigned a symbol and will take notes using the
"Texas Symbols" research one pager.
Students will be using the following resources to find their information.
Students will work with a partner to create a poster of the information
they have gathered and then compile a class book titled My Symbols of Texas Book.

Books on Texas can be found in the nonfiction 900s section of the library. There will be a cart of books that will be shared among the first graders.
~Online Resources
external image Texas-bluebonnets-field.jpg
State Flower: Bluebonnet
Another Website
external image austin-texas.jpg
State Capital: Austin
Capital Tour
external image taggedmalemonarch2.jpg
State Insect:Monarch Butterfly
Another Website
external image RR%20Grapefruit.jpg
State Fruit:
Red Grapefruit
external image pecan_tree__43463_zoom.jpg
State Tree:
Pecan Tree
external image guadalupebass.gif
State Fish:
Guadalupe Bass
external image armdllo.jpg
State Small Mammal:Armadillo
Another Website
external image longhorn1.jpg
State Large Mammal:Longhorn
external image mockingbird.jpg
State Bird:
Another Website
external image blue-topaz.jpg
State Gem:Blue Topaz
Another Website
external image Prickly_Pear_Cactus-380.jpg
State Plant:Prickly Pear Cactus
Another Website
external image peppe37325_thumb.jpg
State Pepper:
external image 220px-San_Jacinto_Monument.jpg
San Jacinto
external image Texas_Flag.jpg
Texas Flag
Another Website
Another Website
The Alamo

Click here for a rubric that will be used to determine your grade for your research project.