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Third graders are studying punctuation. Each student will research a type of punctuation then design a lesson to teach and assess their classmates.

Types of punctuation to study:commas in dates, commas in a series, periods, exclamation point,question mark,apostrophe in contraction, apostrophe in possessives

All of the research notes should be written on theiTeach Punctuation One-Pager.The students will use their research to design a lesson and assessment for their peers to learn about their punctuation.


Books about punctuation will be on a cart and shared among the 3rd grade ELAR classes.

Online Resources and Web SitesIf searching at home and a site asks for a username and password, our school’s username is rje and password is jaguars.
Encyclopedia BritannicaEBSCO Research Databases- (Hint: click on Searchasaurus)
Discovery Education

Study Zone PrepSheppard Language Arts Games
Fun English GamesAlien Punctuation GameTime for Kids Punctuation Practice
Discovery Ed- Punctuation President Video

iPad Apps that Can be Used for Lesson

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Your teacher will give you information on how to design your assessment on Kahoot!, a game-based classroom response system.